Facilitating body's natural ability to heal and move.
Helping people regain control in his/her movement capabilities, and further advance their performance endeavours.


Shon is a therapist that focuses on facilitating the body's ability to heal.  He goes through detailed questioning and utilizes fundamental movement patterns to help find the cause of a client's and/or athlete's pain/injury. 


He has and is currently working with athletes of all disciplines such as, basketball players, NHL/OHL players, CFL players, and MMA athletes.  He believes that people who seek help for discomfort has created a bodily system through habit, that cannot match his/her daily demands.

He is a Registered Massage Therapist that focuses much of his time on researching recovery and injury mitigation strategies, and shares his insights in his workshops and seminars held internationally for Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Medical Doctors, and Personal Trainers. 

He is also a Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) for the CCYAA (Canadian Chinese Youth Athletic Association), who are closely affiliated with the Toronto Raptors, helping the Youth Developmental Basketball Program.  




Specific and kinetic-focused therapy that utilizes orthopedic and manual testing to identify inefficiencies of the body, combined with various soft tissue skills and modalities such as electro-acupuncture to help loosen up body parts or help stimulate structures that are indicated. This is followed up with individualized rehab exercises to help maintain the results.

Movement Analysis

Focus on sport-specific movement based assessment. Use of force plate and video analysis to provide insights into athletes’ movement tendencies, and provide necessary changes to improve or maintain movement efficiency.

The body’s ability to maintain balance, react, be attentive and maintain focus largely depends on cerebral/cerebellar health.  We go through a general CNS screening to ensure athletes/client are in the right position to receive the necessary training/rehab, and have a multifaceted referral team that can help facilitate that need. We also provide Cortisol Salivary Testing via an external laboratory to allow for athlete monitoring - ensuring athletes are under optimal condition to receive strength and conditioning/rehab. 

Strength & Conditioning

All strength and conditioning will start with a detailed assessment to identify individual needs and develop a baseline for each individual to allow for objective measure.  Goals and training frequency will be discussed. 

DNA Lab Testing and Consultation

Cellular efficiency dictates recovery and health optimization, which is pivotal in facilitating movement goals.  Ability to eat according to your genetic make up is crucial in that regard.  We are able to partner with DNA Labs Toronto in order to help clients make better decisions with their diet and life style and offer consultation for people who would like to optimize his/her health.

Online Consultation

If you are having issues that limit your ability to physically travel to our mobile clinics, we offer video conferencing via Zoom.  We will go through detailed movement assessment and patient-generated motions to try and help narrow down possible causes, and provide detailed self-care and rehab protocols there on.






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