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Shon Hsu

Founder of Movement Facilitation

Co-Owner & Director of Performance & Rehabilitation - J17 Fitness

A Bit About Me

Shon is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and performance scientist that focuses on facilitating efficient movement strategies - specifically change of direction ability.  He uses a data-driven and evidence-informed approach to understanding athletes' movement analysis, in doing so, help athletes develop and optimize performance.

His career mission is to use his knowledge to help prospective athletes develop better and more efficient movement strategies to mitigate injuries and enhance performance.  He has helped athletes in the discipline of basketball, football, and soccer obtain scholarships and professional contracts, and continues to advise various sports teams. He is currently working with badminton Olympians, Eurobasketball players, CFL players, football, soccer, tennis and basketball prospects, and consulting various prep and rep teams in the discipline of Hockey and Basketball. 

He has spent the past decade diligently learning about the science of movement and is continuing to pursue his goal of understanding injury prevention strategies.   

Apart from pursuing his Masters in Sport Science and Rehabilitation, he also shares his insights in his workshops and seminars held internationally for Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Medical Doctors, and Personal Trainers.   

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